Welcome To Alexander Films

Alexander Films is a PVM production company — that is, a Production Value Multiplier. We excel in taking your production from good to great, maximizing your talent, resources, and opportunities.

As a full-service production company, we supply camera, audio, GNE, walkies, car mount, jib, and a lot more to give your production the cutting edge. We also provide or assist with development and preproduction, crew, casting, post production, deliverables, and distribution.

Expert and Professional

Alexander Films is a proven production company with years of knowledge and experience, and a focus on professionalism.

Award Winning

Alexander Films has received awards for commercial and film productions, to include Telly, Addy, Festival Pick, and more.

Hard Working

The hardest working crew, talent, and management on set proudly belongs with Alexander Films.

The One-stop Shop

Alexander Films can handle development through delivery.


Alexander Films has developed commercial, TV, and feature film content - idea to greenlight.


Alexander Films has the know-how and relationships to carry your project through post.


We specialize in breaking it down, schedule and budget, then casting, crewing, et al.


We understand deliverables and have established distribution relationships in the industry.


Alexander Films can provide all the gear and resources you need, making your production turnkey.


Alexander Films can provide any level of support, including project consulting. Contact us for info.


Alexander Films is a production company with a focus on visual entertainment media, but we also develop and produce commercial and literary projects.