Meet Stellar — urban crime fighter who tackles injustice with swift and decisive action, carrying the burden of freeing society from oppression, fighting for the weak and wounded.

She is brave.

She is beautiful.

She is just a comic book character… or at least she was.

Macy Davis is an athletic high school student with an eye for Patrick Newell, the young artist who created Stellar. When Macy’s best friend, Keri Cartwright, Discovers Patrick’s comic book heroine, she convinces Macy to masquerade as Stellar — because to Macy, Stellar is Patrick’s perfect girl. But when Macy dons a homemade costume to surprise Patrick at the Halloween Dance, her debut takes an unexpected twist and the debut is more than anyone, including Macy, could have ever imagined.

Stellar is a YA novel collaboration between Marc A Hutchins and Ian Graham, a filmmaker and author team who have launched Avendale Entertainment. You can read more about AE by visiting their website.

Marc wrote Stellar as a feature film in 2012, commissioning the artwork and building it into an IP. Over the next few years, and several pitch meetings, Marc began seeing a trend in the industry toward streaming series. Believing Stellar would do better through long-form storytelling, he rewrote the feature into a pilot. About the same time, Marc met Ian Graham, an author who immediately took to Stellar and wanted to develop it into a YA novel series. The rest is history and Stellar has now been released.

Stellar is available on Amazon and a select number of other retailers. Visit to learn more.